Thursday, September 28, 2006

Visions of a Better America

The 2006 elections are almost upon us and things are closer than ever.

Votemaster says that if the elections were today the Senate would be evenly divided 50/50. The Democrats need to pick up six seats to gain a majority. On the House side, currently the Republicans lead 219-216.

The hottest race is in Virginia where incumbent George Allen is fighting for his life after welcoming an ethnic citizen to "the real world" after calling him "Makaka." Allen, once considered a shoe-in for re-election is down to a 5 point lead.

Come on, Virginia, you can do it!

Other close races (incumbent first):

Missouri: Jim Talent (R) vs Claire McCaskill (D)
Montana: Conrad Burns (R) vs Jon Tester (D)
New Jersey: Bob Menendez (D) vs Tom Jean Jr (R)
Ohio: Mike DeWine (R) vs Sherrod Brown (D)
Rhode Island: Lincoln Chafee (R) vs Sheldon Whitehouse (D)
Pennsylvania: Rick Santorum (R) vs Bob Casey (D) (please, please, please....)

Get out and vote this fall, and put this country back on a reasonable course!

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