Monday, September 25, 2006

Clinton's Head Nearly Explodes During Interview

If you're like me you didn't see Clinton explode yesterday on Fox News Sunday. But if you're like me you get down on your knees and thank God for YouTube.

The interview starts off well enough, although you can tell Clinton is a little defensive since it's Fox. 3:30 into the interview host Chris Wallace gets down to it: e-mailers want to know why Clinton didn't do more to get Bin Ladden. But you can tell Wallace really wants to know too. You can tell he's nervous and excited all at the same time, it takes him almost a minute to get the question out, dramatic pauses included.

By 4:20 Clinton is visibly upset and at 5:45 he's wagging a finger in Wallace's face. The clip is long, but definitely worth watching.

Part 1

Part 2

These are the same people--Fox News--who wrap themselves in the flag and say we should respect the President. Yet former president Clinton is given no respect here. I just can't imagine Chris Wallace or anyone else on Fox News ever interrupting President Bush, or calling him "sir" in such a condescending tone (as in "Do you ever even watch Fox News Sunday, sir?"). If Democratic criticism of a standing president is disrespectful, then this is disgraceful. It's a nicely played lateral to distract you from the real news.

And another thing, why don't they turn on some lights over there at Fox News Sunday? They're both looming out of shadows and it's creepy.

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