Saturday, September 30, 2006

Handling Iraq with Rubber Gloves

Bob Woodward's new book State of Denial hits shelves today, but a storm surge of information has already preceded it. It contains scathing information about Don Rumsfeld's decision making during the Iraq war, and Condoleeza Rice's incomprehension of the possible Al-Qaeda threat prior to 9/11.

Donald Rumsfeld, incapable? Responsible for the deaths of thousands of our young men and women? Condi Rice wearing blinders before 9/11 and acting as a shill afterwards? These are things we already knew but now Woodward has put his official seal on things. I'd be happy but it's all so sad.

Our President, of course, loves them both to death. Don's doing a good job, right? Condi's doing a good job. We're sending Condi to Israel to patch things up over there, etc. Bush has even turned to taking advice from Nixon's national security advisor Henry S. Kissinger. No, this isn't like Vietnam. No, this president is not like Nixon, right?

Check out the WP story on all of this.

I liked the part about Rummy being indecisive and paranoid and having a severe case of "rubber glove syndrome" not wanting his finger prints on decisions. And can you blame him? The guy makes baaaad decisions.

This November it's time for a change. Send as many of them packing as you can.

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