Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tito the Builder vs Joe the Plumber smackdown

What if Tito the Builder and Joe the Plumber had a fight to the death?
Two go in, one comes out!




Real name

Tito: Tito Munoz

Joe: Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher

Advantage: Push


Tito: Hispanics

Joe: White middle-class America

Advantage: Tito

Fled from

Tito: Columbia

Joe: Texas

Advantage: Joe

Key swing states impacted
Tito: Arizona, New Mexico, Florida
Joe: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania
Advantage: Joe

Campaigns with

Tito: Sarah Palin
Joe: John McCain

Advantage: Tito

Moment of fame

Tito: interviewed on Hannity and Colmes

Joe: questioned Barack Obama's tax plan

Advantage: Joe


Tito: wears sunglasses all the time

Joe: bald

Advantage: Tito

What he should be doing

Tito: Business owner

Joe: Plumber's helper

Advantage: Tito


Tito: Pissed off

Joe: Cool

Advantage: Tito

Has probably had
Tito: too much coffee
Joe: too much time on his hands
Advantage: Joe

Looks like

Tito: Pancho Villa

Joe: Michael Chiklis
Advantage: Push

Has signed with a PR firm

Tito: Unknown

Joe: Yes, for "a possible record deal with a major label, personal appearances and corporate sponsorships."

Advantage: Tito

Currently owes for back taxes

Tito: Unknown

Joe: Aware, unconcerned

Advantage: Joe

Has recently impressed

Tito: Sean Hannity

Joe: Conservative women
Advantage: Push--there are no winners here

Finishing move

Tito: Columbian necktie

Joe: The ol' wrench in the eye

Advantage: Tito


Tito: Keep yelling until cameras find you

Joe: Put yourself in Obama's path

Advantage: Joe

Will be coming to Washington
Tito: One way or another
Joe: If McCain wins
Advantage: Tito

Biggest accomplishment
Tito: Came to America from Columbia and now owns own business
Joe: Asked, six years ago during job interview, about someday owning a business
Advantage: Tito

Will be back in

Tito: every four years

Joe: every time blue collar workers need a voice

Advantage: Tito

Secretly wants to campaign with

Tito: Dora the Explorer

Joe: Michael Chiklis
Advantage: Joe

Could be the lost member of

Tito: The Village People

Joe: Right Said Fred

Advantage: Joe


Tito: 10
Joe: 8

Winners: Joe, Tito

Losers: McCain, Palin, America

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