Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bachmann to Bush: Call Me?

I guess I wasn't the only one who noticed representative Michele Bachmann acting like a low-rent groupie at the State of the Union address. My actual thought while I watched her grip Bush's elbow and shoulders was "he's a married man." And I don't even give a shit about that kind of thing.

News of her inappropriate behavior towards the president has spread across the internet and into mass media.

Like others who wanted "face-time" with the president, she claimed her spot in the chamber early in the day--like she was waiting in line for Metallica tickets. When the president entered she greeted him with exuberance, much more so than the normal bullshit that goes on during this sort of thing. She touched him while he passed as if he were Jesus Christ. But then, after the speech, she made her move.
Bachmann had her hands on the president for a good 30 seconds while he tried to talk to people on his way out of the chamber. Finally, he allowed her to kiss him on the cheek, to which she blurted, "He kissed me in Minnesota, too."

Maybe it's love, Michele.

At least she got an autograph for making such a fool out of herself. I'll bet she was something before electricity.
Bachmann replaced Republican Mark Kennedy in the November elections, but apparently wishes to continue his tradition of shameless debauchery towards the president. I've been fired for less touching than that. No wonder Laura looks completely out of it all the time. I actually feel bad for her.

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