Friday, January 19, 2007

Is America Ready for a Smart President?

Senator Barak Obama came one step closer to running for President by forming one of those gnostic exploratory committees. This news road the heels of a 28 year old woman's death from drinking two gallons of water to win a Nintendo Wii. The juxtaposition is, perhaps, timely, because the big question concerning Senator Obama's presidential chances is: are we ready for a black smart president?

Participating in any contest conceived by the sugar-filled mind of a radio DJs is a lot like letting the inmates run the asylum. I don't really expect anyone working in radio to know or care about things like water intoxication. But I'm pensive about considering our reality when someone will sign a waver for the chance to win a $250 gaming console.

That is one end of things. Then consider someone like Barak Obama, a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, former law professor at Chicago University, and current silver-tongued, golden boy, and twice platinum Senator from Illinois. You can see the massive mountain someone like this must descend from in order to even attempt to be able to represent the United States as her president.

Truly, no one will ever do the job as accurately as President George W. Bush has.
Say what you will about him, but he had his finger on our pulse before his hands went to our throats. One of his most endearing, and accurate qualities is a consistent sodomizing of the English language. Now there's a guy who knows where you're coming from when he commits more troops to Iraq.

Remember that geek Al Gore? What's he doing now? Hawking his slide show with gregarious amounts of scientific evidence linked to "climate crisis"? (Yawn) Adviser to Google's senior management? (Big shot) A member of Apple's board of directors? (Pinko commie left wing liberal) Who finds these guys?

John Kerry never had a chance either. He was lauded, rightfully so, for being too verbose. Ask him about anti-terrorism security measures or diplomacy with North Korea and the guy will talk a blue streak. Who asked for his life story? Four years with him as President would have been like watching the debate team captain dating the head cheerleader.

Would Barak Obama understand these, the inane, and often deadly, nuances of American life? DJs who devise contests that kill the contestants and contestants who participate in them are all part of one, great American symbiosis not unlike the one involving a President and his subjects. This, along with the sheer number of hunting accidents and other improbable disasters, do not just speak to the ingenuity of the American spirit, but they demand adequate representation.

Is America Ready for a Smart President?

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