Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Power of Transferrance

Why do some products rise and some fall? The idea behind the free market is that consumers determine the demand of items. But are people really making the decision based solely on need? Or are far deeper forces motivating us? Welcome to the power of transferrance. Never heard of it? Well, it rules you. It's with you when you're buying groceries, it's with you when you pick out shoes, it's with you while you write out your Christmas list. With Black Friday coming up it might be time to get acquainted with one of marketing's most powerful allies.

Here's a great article from Ross Gittins of the Sydney Morning Herald explaining why we buy the things we do and how what we see influences our decisions in subconscious ways.


Alison said...

The problem is, I'm totally aware of this going on in my brain, yet all but powerless over it. For example, I saw a gorgeously, elegantly packaged bottle of fancy body lotion the other day. Had never heard of the brand, knew bubkus about it; it could've been motor oil for all I knew. Yet I wanted it. Oh how I wanted it! I yearned for it, no matter the cost!
Aesthetics really do count for so much. Those design bastards!

maven said...

It's amazing how they know. They must round up people and keep them in their labs 24/7, attaching electrodes to their skulls and testing out new product designs.

Yes...good. They like the new bottle...yes!