Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bush Distances Himself from Himself

The latest political move by President Bush is an attempt to distance himself from his own worst enemy: himself. And he says he doesn't read polls?

He pulled this move off masterfully Sunday morning by alerting George Stephanopoulos that his policy has never been "stay the course" in Iraq. This would have caused a lot of confusion coming from anyone else (As in: I could have sworn I heard him say "stay the course" just the other day...) but coming from this, the most elusive of eels, we're not a bit surprised are we?

Bush's unpopularity is well known. He has become such an albatross that Democrats are using him as an election year cudgel, and Republicans are doing all they can to get out from under his grim visage. These moves were mentioned by both Stephanopoulos and his next guest the far more presidential John Kerry. Yes, Bush's image is that bad: John Kerry looked like JFK in comparison.

But Karl Rove has apparently come up with an ingenious plan for President Bush and the Republicans in 2006--that is to completely disavow any knowledge of President Bush's former slogans or strategies. The Republicans don't look so hot if they can't even claim to be behind their glorious leader. But that task becomes a little easier if their leader claims to have no association with himself.

Not only is George W. Bush now flatly denying he ever said things that we've all heard him say, there are rumors on the internets that the White House may be preparing a whole new strategy in Iraq, to be unveiled after the elections, and also to coincide with the Christmas season.

We all eagerly await the questioning Tony Snow will get tomorrow when asked how the president could possibly expect the American people to believe we have never been "stay the course" in Iraq.

The truth would go something like this... Mr. Snow: "Well, the 'course 'was to find WMDs. Since Iraq had no WMDs we've had to adjust our course a tad or risk being completely off-course...”

But what you'll probably get something like this... Mr. Snow: "The Woodward books kind of melt on contact..."

When asked what the Woodward books have to do with the President's new doublespeak Mr. Snow will then tell the band to keep jamming while he takes the money and escapes through a service exit in the floor.

Speaking of Bob Woodward, he has now written three best-selling books about the current administration. Our exalted leader has read none of them. In-fact, during the interview, Bush seemed to strongly imply he doesn't do much reading at all. This seemed to be the subject he was the most uncomfortable talking about (that's saying a lot).

When Stephanopoulos pressed he did admit he was reading "A History of English Speaking Peoples." This is a massive volume by Winston Churchill which wont help him one bit concerning what to do in Iraq, but does fit in nicely with his sense of ethnocentrism. Perhaps he should have consulted Chuchill prior to March, 2003.

Get on the President's reading list here.

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JoeC said...

Pathological narcissists lie to you about facts they know you know. They lie to you about what you have said and done. Even if you said or did it only one second ago. They lie to you about what they have said and done in your presence. Even if they said or did it only one second ago. They lie about what you have done together. Even if it was only one second ago. In short, they lie like somebody out of his mind or hallucinating. Anybody we all know fit that description???

Sasquatch said...

You sound as if Bush has cheated on you. I think that's how we should all feel too. I know that's how Kevin Tillman feels too.