Friday, September 01, 2006

On the Eighth Day God Created Legos

Ever wanted to experience the sweeping, epic story of the Bible with cute, tiny legos? Well, uh, now you can! Yes, thanks to The Brick Testament. This site has painstakingly recreated 233 Bible stories with 2,710 illustrations. Check out the ratings guide for which stories have nudity, sex, violence, or cursing (The story of Jesus has all four!).

The FAQ answers all of your questions. No, the Brick Testament was no divinely inspired. It was created entirely by
The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith who builds all the characters and settings out of LEGO bricks, then photographs them to create the illustrated stories found on The Brick Testament website and book series.

God only knows how many hours of labor it took to create such a work. It must have been akin to the building of Zerubbabel’s temple. And that means laborious to you Amalekites! A plague on your house!


Damanick said...

hmmm. Interesting, very contraversial title there lol. But I love your blog. Check out mine at Take Care bye :)

Sasquatch said...

Wow, that was incredibly fast. I think I posted this about 4 seconds ago!

And thanks! Checking out your blog...