Thursday, August 24, 2006

Would You Like to Play a Game?

Push the red button and a map of Iraq fades into view. The date in the upper-right corner says May 20, 2003--time to invade Iraq. Suddenly the date starts to roll forward,;a ticking sound is heard as tiny dots appear all over the map. A 'tick' and a dot represent a casualty. Close your eyes and listen to the ticks roll by, one after another; multiple ticks on the same day produce a louder sound. The cadence goes up and down but doesn't stop. Open your eyes and see dots scattered all over the map of Iraq. It takes about a minute to climb all the way up to July, 2006. Since the war is so abstract to so many people hopefully this chilling visual will be an effective reality check. I'd say it's cool, but it's tragic.

See it here.

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Lemming Herder said...

Unfortunately, everything about the situation in Iraq is tragic, but what is even worse is the spin that is about to be put on it.

That dishonors the fallen more than if we pulled out.

Posted by the Lemming Herder from Don’t Be A Lemming!