Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fanboys Rejoice: LonleyGirl15 Legal

Fanboys of YouTube's smash hit LonleyGirl15 can now lust without the fear of legal or moral conflict since it was revealed that LonelyGirl15 is played by twenty-something struggling actress Jessica Rose. It was also revealed that the teen angst and frustration she displayed on camera were performances carefully scripted by 28 year old Ramesh Flinders. The show was also filmed in his bedroom.

But game on none the less. The number of subscribers to LonelyGirl15 has skyrocketed since it was revealed that the girl's personal struggles which so many seemed to relate to was actually a carefully crafted ploy by adults looking for a movie deal.

"I don't care what their motives were," said Shane Handly, 17, of St. Louis, MO. "LonelyGirl15 is hot, and at least eighteen."

"I think I speak for fanboys everywhere when I say there was a collective exhale," said Steven Mills, 32, of San Jose, CA. "A sigh of relief that all of our yearnings were indeed not directed at a lonely teenaged girl. That would be just too weird for words. But in this day-and-age how the hell is a guy supposed to know who to lust for? If a 20-year old can be so convincing as a 15-year old and vice versa?"

"I used to feel a little weird peering into the life of a pubescent teen airing her frustrations on camera while just trying to make sense out of life," said Albert Clifton, 35, of Spokane, WA. "But now that it's all fake, well, I guess it's all good."

"I'll admit, I was attracted to her. Hell, we all were," said Todd Alexander, 29, of Naples, FL. "But it turns out her sexual magnetism is just the product of great acting. That's cool. Women fake all the time right?"

The ultimate irony is that teen ager usually feel frustrated that no one takes them seriously or wants to listen to them. Here, thousands tuned in to watch a fake teen enact scenes written by a 28 year old guy.

Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls
It's a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world
except for LonelyGirl15

American schaddenfraude:
You Got You Tube Punked

German angst:
Hey LonelyGirl15, ich mach dich auch bekannt!

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Anonymous said...

You guys should check out this trail it explains and follows the story of lonelygirl15 it’s hillarious:

A friend of mine sent it to me, said he used to do it. You should check it out.