Sunday, August 13, 2006

Coming Soon: YouTube On Your TV?

Time Warner is starting a new free service for its digital cable/Roadrunner subscribers; you will be able to view and publicly share uploaded photos and video clips on your TV through Time Warner's Video-On-Demand network without the need for any extra equipment! No proprietary hardware or DRM'd Media Centers needed.

I've linked the story here because it's an example of "narrowcasting" as I mentioned in my previous post about Satellite Radio. Narrowcasting is unique programming to each customer, selected by the customer, delivered by a service provider. It is made possible by the vast array of choices available on the internet, the low cost of creating and holding those choices, and the ability for each person to pick what they want. All the service provider has to do is give you what you've asked for.

YouTube is a great example of this. Out of millions of videos you get to watch what you want. You can subscribe to the channels you want. Time Warner is now stepping it to deliver your YouTube channels to your television set.

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