Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Are You Getting Enough Oxygen?

Is canned oxygen the new bottled water? First Japan improved the automobile. Now the next big thing out of Tokyo may be a new spin on an old, previously free commodity: air. Businessmen and industrialists have found oxygen's popularity to be unrelenting and now you can buy it in a can.

According to this story oxygen in a can went on sale in Tokyo May 24. The product allows users to replenish their oxygen levels anytime they feel low. While normal air contains only 22% oxygen the air from the can is rich, up to 95%. Inhaling it has been said to cause a sense of invigoration. There is enough air to last about a week, if used a few times a day. Or, one really kick ass buzz if used all at once, as it surely will be once it hits American shores.

Yes, as I've said before, in the future oxygen will be a commodity available only to the super-rich, or the five kings of Europe. So, my advice is to get it while it's cheap. Don't be the last one on your block to shotgun a can of air.

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