Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Connie Chung Vaulted to Internet History

One time nightly news anchor and respected journalist Connie Chung ended her short-lived MSNBC show "Weekends with Maury & Connie" in style. From atop a piano, and in a sheer white dress, she worked her way through a self-deprecating version of "Thanks for the Memories." Yeah, it was a joke, but it's still odd to watch.

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Rest assured bloggers were on the internet within minutes elevating the event to legendary status, "The Daily Show" lampooned it, and, thanks to sites like, the video clip is rocketing its way through cyberspace. All while you slept! Ironically, Connie has reached a kind of overnight infamy in her show's death, and the kind only the internet can issue. Had she harnessed the power of the web like this when the show began it might have had a much longer shelf life. Ah, well, that's cyberspace for you. One minute you just a guy working in a box factory, the next your star is streaking to epic heights.

The eb and flow is not isolated to the internet either. In televisionland as one show dies another rises from the glames to take its place in the arena. And you know I'm talking about “America’s Got Talent” which premiered tonight on NBC. This show has it all. The “talent” includes everything from drag queens to acrobatic basketball dunkers. At one point a dancing cow was on stage. Now that’s good television! Regis Philbin hosts and David Hasselhoff is a judge. A loud buzzer (think: wrong answer "X" on “Family Feud”) signals that the contestant has essentially been eliminated. It's like a modern-day "Gong Show."

What exactly qualifies David Hasselhoff to be a judge of talent? This does. But, Unlike Connie's song, this is not meant to be a joke. Or is it? Thanks again,

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