Monday, May 22, 2006

Runaway Bride + Sir Paul?

The wedding is off for Jennifer Wilbanks and John Mason. You probably know Wilbanks better as the wide-eyed Runaway Bride, the woman who captured the nation’s attention while faking her own kidnapping to get out of her own wedding. Wilbanks skipped out on Mason and 600 guests on April 22, 2005. She then flew to Vegas and ended up in Albuquerque, N.M. She then told 911 that she had been kidnapped by a Hispanic couple and sexually assaulted. The Hispanic community has rebounded strongly but Wilbanks now has a runaway groom on her hands.

Maybe the most amazing aspect of this story is that Mason took her back after the entire faux escapade. But last Friday it was reported that Mason is breaking up with Wilbanks. What took this guy so long? Where were this guy’s friends? Hello! You’re 33 years old, when a woman fakes an abduction to get away from you it’s time to step up and end it. Maybe he was holding on for that lucrative book deal Wilbanks was reported to have inked.

What does the future hold for The Runaway Bride? Well, Paul McCartney is about to be single himself. Somebody hook these two kids up! You think I'm crazy don't you? Well, I happen to think if you can achieve infamy--complete with face on a t-shirt and book deal--for staging your own abduction, dating a Beatle doesn't seem like such a stretch. Besides, Sir Paul will be on the rebound.

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