Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Minnesota's Jesse Ventura to run for Senate?

Jesse Ventura made history in 1998 trading in his WWF persona for governor of Minnesota. Now he may be thinking of running for Senate. The former Navy Seal was recently on public radio and made his frustration with the two current candidates known.

"All you Minnesotans take a good hard look at all three of us. If you
were in a dark alley, which one of the three of us would you want with
you?" Ventura said.

Minnesota's Senate race has been one of the most watched of the election. For one, the state is trending blue but is hosing the GOP convention in September. Also, Norm Coleman (R) is attempting to win reelection against notable humorist Al Franken (D). Ventura could enter this mix as an Independent.

The latest poll shows Coleman ahead of Franken 52-40. Franken, author, Saturday Night Live writer, and comedian, has had a hard time generating traction against Coleman, a man often compared to a Muppet, potted plant, or TV anchorman. Franken's troubles show that people typically do not like snarky or smart-ass when in the voting booth. Testosterone or towel snapping however have always played well.

Coleman previously lost a bid for Governor of Minnesota against Ventura. Many around the state are now openly predicting that Ventura will run. I, for one, welcome the idea and eagerly anticipate the first debate. I like to be entertained.

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