Thursday, May 08, 2008

What's next for Hillary?

Now that Hillary has lost the Democratic nomination, what's next for the Senator from New York?

Sweep floor, shut off lights at campaign headquarters
Don't let the door hit her on the ass on the way out
Type a strongly worded letter to college educated, white collar Democrats
Scrape "Hillary '08" bumper sticker off car
Vanish into thin air
Quietly go insane
Hold up a liquor store
Beat up Al Gore, John Edwards, Ted Kennedy, et. al
"Totally obliterate" Iran, Iowa
Get milk, pick up dry cleaning, divorce Bill
Seduce Barack, become VP
Begin Hillary 2016

To me, that's the question: will she go back and rebuild? Will she set her sights on 2016? This is by far the story of 2008. Hell, it's the biggest story since the Iraq war: how the prohibitive favorite, with the best brand name in Democratic politics, faltered and lost the big one, in the year of Democratic politics, after 16 years of preparation.

Will she retire quietly to the Senate? How much gas does she have left in the tank after this? It's almost Sisyphean. But I ask you this: were you not entertained? The world would be a less interesting place without Hillary Rodham Clinton. May she rest in peace.

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