Friday, January 25, 2008

Wolfowitz Returns to U.S. Government as Adviser

I was worried Paul Wolfowitz might be going cold and hungry this winter.  It's a tough job market for anyone, but especially someone like Mr. Wolfowitz, a brazen, damaging erudite, whose track-record over the last eight years is so dismal he was forced to resign from his last, almost child proof job at the World Bank.  Ahh, but there'll always be room for nepotism at the Bush table.

Paul D. Wolfowitz, who resigned as World Bank chief after serving as second-in-command at the Pentagon, has returned to the Bush administration, albeit in an advisory role.

Preceding Mr. Wolfowitz was former Senator Fred Thompson, who resigned

as chairman in the summer to run for president. But his successor

wasn’t appointed until two days after his campaign crashed and burned on Tuesday.

No, Mr. Thompson, you can not have your old job back.

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