Sunday, January 27, 2008

The New York Times Hillary / Obama round-up

I find it interesting today, after Barack Obama's commanding win in South Carolina, that no less than four of the top ten most e-mailed articles from the New York Times are anti-Hillary.

Two deal specifically with the emergence of former President Bill Clinton as Hillary's new hatchet man.

Questions for the Clintons, by Bob Herbert

Two Presidents Are Worse Than One, by Gary Willis

The latter is provocative, sighting the founder's desire to keep the Presidency to a single person, and why.

But as the debate went forward a consensus formed that republican rule would check the single initiative of a president. In fact, accountability to the legislature demanded that responsibility be lodged where it could be called to account. A plural presidency would leave it uncertain whom to check. How, for instance, would Congress decide which part of the executive should be impeached in case of high crimes and misdemeanors? One member of the plural executive could hide behind the other members.

The next article, The Billary Road to Republican Victory, accurately pins Hillary (and Bill) as incredible assets to the Republican party if they are to get the nomination.

The last article is A President Like My Father, in-which Caroline Kennedy compares Obama's ability to inspire and unite to President Kennedy. Considering the source, I think that speaks for itself.

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