Thursday, January 31, 2008

And then there were two: Edwards drops out

I know this happened yesterday but I didn't have internet access. Anyway, I was happy to see it. I never really liked Edwards for some reason. He talked about poverty the way Princess Dianna talked about land-mines. Who isn't against such things?

To me there's just something disingenuous about Edwards, a man who butters his bread raising awareness for poverty while getting $400 hair cuts and living in a 29,000 square foot house. He talks about lowering the cost of college for Americans while charging as much as $55,000 to speak at a university. Stories like this just seem to follow him around. Of course I'm anti-poverty, but that's like saying you're pro-education. How much awareness do we need about this? And how far can someone go on such an accepted platform?

People are already talking about whether or not he will be chosen as a running-mate for the November election. Let's remember how much he helped Kerry in 2004, and himself in 2008.

Having pointed that out, I'm sure that son of a mill worker will be just fine.

John Edwards, the progressive Democratic candidate who made a populist, antipoverty message the centerpiece of his campaign, announced his exit from the presidential primary race on Wednesday, saying he was stepping aside “so that history can blaze its path.”

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