Monday, April 30, 2007

Terror attacks up 25 percent in 2006?

Six years into the War on Terror and terror attacks are increasing. Should you be worried?

Short Answer:
Good thing we're winning the war on terror or this could be trouble.

Long Answer: Terrorist attacks worldwide shot up 25 percent last year, particularly in Iraq where extremists used chemical weapons and suicide bombers to target crowds, according to a new State Department report. Deaths were up 40 percent due to increasingly lethal means around the globe.

On the surface this may seem to undermine years of upbeat administration reports on the war. The first use of chemical weapons by terrorists in 2006 also seems ominous.

It's amazing to me that even though attacks are on the rise we are still finding a way to win this war on terror. This, in my humble opinion, is nothing less than a testament to the excellence of our brave war leaders and their omniscient advisers. Seriously, report after report, book after book, outlining in painstaking detail so many signs of failure, and still our leaders move from victory to victory? All hail our glorious leadership!

Remember, this is a war that will be won, primarily, by the belief of the American people. There will always be liberal reports, penned, no doubt, by cowardly pacifists; there will always be those Democrats who are now trying to strip the ball away as we are so close to victory; there will always be doubters. These are the fears you must slay if we are to win this war on terror. Be glad we are winning or this spike in terrorism could be the cause for some concern or even reflection.

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