Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Official Eddie Murphy Crappy Movie Intervention

You think Eddie Murphy has any regrets about making "Norbit"? It's not just a stupid movie, but a re-fried affair; a supposed talented actor dressing up as an obese woman and acting like a total asshole. It's time for an intervention.

Come on, dude. You're better than this. You're Eddie Murphy, man! You were..the guy during the 80s. Axel Foley! Cutting edge comic. SNL star. WTF happened? You treat your career and talent like Bobby Brown treats Whitney Houston. It's painful to watch.

Flashes of your brilliance came back in "Dreamgirls" and you were handed a Golden Globe. It was nice to see you get recognized. Everyone loved it and you deserved it. But I feel almost foolish thinking so with a movie like "Norbit" in front of us. Forget about the Academy Award. There's just no way. Academy Award winner Eddie Murhpy *is* Norbit? Are you kidding me?

And being #1 at the box office is little solace during this Jan-March dumping period for movies. It's like winning the NFC North. Who cares? Enough of this. Movies like "Norbit" and "Big Mamma's House" and "Big Mamma's House 2" and "White Chicks" are not just lame and offensive they're fucking creepy. OK? The obsession with putting on prosthetics, layer after layer of makeup, wigs, and crashing your way through a movie all reeks of some kind of dysfunction. Enough. It's been done. Move on. Get a better agent.

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