Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Start Your Morning With BS From Fox and Friends (Video)

Look, I don't expect much from a show called "Fox and Friends." It sounds like some kind of after school special, and runs on about as much brain power.

What's with Fox's constant reference to ratings? Here are a bunch of people who apparently think news reporting is a lot like running for class president (including mocking opponents). But my favorite part is that dork laughing it up while he takes his spot in front of his goddamn weather map. Holy shit, how offensive is that? That's like some guy in high school making fun of you while he ducks into the home economics room.

And, as we learned in school, throwing stones is a nice way to cover shady, latent behavior:

That story, of course, was completely false. Oh, uh, are we supposed to verify anonymous news stories off the INTERNET?? Maybe next time, guys. The non-story dressed up as "huge" news was so believable that John Gibson used it as the perfect opportunity to finally reveal his alarming distaste for Muslims. It's nice to see people with such a healthy self-image, even if that too is completely fictional.

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