Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Surfing Muslims unveil 'burkini', otherwise known as the 'wet suit'

Muslim swimwear designers have discovered the wet suit. They're calling it a burkini and it is currently all the rage among observant female surfers.

Judge for yourself.

The new burkini allows Muslim women to go to the beach, yet remain modest and almost completely covered. The two pieces of overlapping synthetic fiber, which bears no resemblance to a bikini whatsoever, is selling for $160. Manufacturers are hoping its appeal will spread beyond only Muslim women.

Body Glove was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile born again Christians have harnessed the power of rock music and turned it into a completely innocuous and placid form of expression, dubbed 'Christian rock.' Christian producers are hopeful that 'Christian rock' will gain acceptance outside of the church.

Religion. Is there anything it can't redefine?


Marina Grace said...

Weird. But oh well, whatever floats their boats.

maven said...

I'm so glad I got a comment on this one. It was hanging out there like a big matzah ball. Am I the only one that finds this incredibly funny? I realize it's tied to religion which means I shouldn't point and stare but....WTF? A burkini? Is this a Saturday Night Live skit? No, because If SNL had come up with this there would have been world-wide outrage. Who needs fiction anyway? just let reality take it's course and just...point and stare.