Monday, January 08, 2007

The Rumors on the Internets of Khamenei's Death

The rumors on the internets of the Ayatollah Khamenei's death were greatly Michael Ledeen. Some consider Mr. Ledeen to be an "an expert on U.S. foreign policy." Well, ok, that's what his bio says over at the American Enterprise Institute where he is also a freedom scholar, or fellow, or level 20 grand wizard or something.

But back to the death of Khamenei, I know we have low standards for foreign policy expertise these days but this is ridiculous. Maybe they'll take anyone at the AEI, as long as you recite their oath of initiation. Why am I being so critical? Well, the AIE is a conservative think tank which just released a plan for victory in Iraq, most of which President Bush will be using as his talking points during his upcoming speech. Nothing quite like crib notes before the big test, huh? But if this Khamenei death thing is any indication, the AEI may still be working off the same intel sheet used for the Iraq war. If so, God help us all.

Ah, So That Accounts for the Abject Failure Success of Trainwreck Media!

Another wingnut blog story up in flames: PJ Media prints rumor as fact

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