Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fallout Over Bush's New Plan

President Bush unveiled his new plan last night and the backlash has been swift.

Some Republicans immediately opposed it.

News analysts seemed stunned.

A poll found that only 36% of Americans support Buh's new plan.

I took a moment to formulate my own thoughts on the news, in an article called on BlogCritics called "Plan 9 From Iraq". It's currently at -4 on Reddit, which means its probably right on point. On Digg and Netscape it's at least in the positive. I invite you to judge for yourself and participate in the dialog.

It seems that everyone is alarmed about the escalation--not just in Iraq, but also concerning Iran. Bush is calling for a widening of the offensive in the Middle East. On NPR I overheard a Senator declare that "this is the worst policy blunder since Vietnam." Do you think it's crazy to be alarmed about war with Iran? We thought the Iraq talk was crazy once too. But the President has a knack for making the unimaginable very real. People once found it compelling that he paid no attention to polls. And now?

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maven said...

Update: my article on Reddit went to -9 points which makes me very happy. Anything is better than zero. Love me or hate me.