Thursday, January 25, 2007

John Gibson: I hate myself and others

He's ugly as goat, and twice as stupid. John Gibson all but donned his pointy hood and white sheet as he conducted his own brand of debunking on CNN's report that the Barak Obama "madrasssa" story, which Fox News acted on, was a work of fiction. Obama's staff has fired back, specifically at Gibson, for engaging the story without confirming the charges.

Gibson, in an effort to salvage his journalistic integrity, said that the reporter who debunked the story "probably went to the very madrassa.” But he wasn't finished smearing an entire religion or a real reporter's methods. Not by a long shot.

GIBSON [W]hat did they see when they went to the madrassa where Barack Obama went to school?

HOST: Kids playing volleyball.

GIBSON: Playing volleyball, right. They didn’t see them in any terrorist training camps?


GIBSON: No. Um, but they probably didn’t show them in their little lessons where they’re bobbing their heads and memorizing the Koran.

HOST: I didn’t see any tape of that, no.

This guy is so ridiculous he would be funny if his special brand of ignorance and ethnocentrism didn't produce a shocking amount of terrorism. His books read more like hate manifestos. He's obviously trying hard to keep up with the conservative pundit curve, what with that dork Glenn Beck stealing all the headlines.


Fox's Gibson: CNN Reporter Who Debunked Obama Smear Probably Went to the Same Madrassa.

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