Friday, January 05, 2007

Dumbass of the week

The coveted, and increasingly competitive, Dumbass of the Week award goes to a 47 year old woman who thought it'd be cool to go drinkin' and clubbin' with her 15 year old daughter and friend. Today, Ann Marie Ciarcia, known on myspace as 'RoccerMom', pleaded guilty to manslaughter in a drunken car crash that killed her daughter's friend and seriously injured her daughter and the driver of the other car. She was driving the wrong way down a parkway and slammed into another car after a night of clubbing in Manhattan.

Look, honey, really...clubbing with teenagers? Jesus. You were really "out there" weren't you? Unfortunately it took manslaughter for your troubled mind to discover your clubbin' and rockin' days are over. Now you get two to six years and, hopefully, a lifetime of remorse which is nothing compared to how those related to the girl you killed must feel.

The rest of us, with kids, keep it real. Yeah, sometimes our kids hate us. Sometimes we're not the 'cool parent', but we see them to adulthood. We've learned that there's more to life than clubbing, getting ripped, and acting like assholes. But I'm sure you're too screwed up to really even grasp anything that I'm saying. So, I'll leave it at this: Congratulations. I'll see you in hell.

Here's the whole story.


Anonymous said...

This beats out the kid who hung himself trying to re-enact Saddam's hanging? Talk about your method actors!


maven said...

Well, it was a crowded week of applicants for sure. But this woman, an adult...47...come on... that really makes you go WTF?

That'll be my weekly thing "WTF of the week"