Monday, December 11, 2006

Thank You For Making Me Look Strong

Which expression would you use if your mis-judgment led a young woman to lose her leg?

1. Remorseful?
2. Compassionate?
3. Empathic?
4. Smirking fist-pump?

After watching the news shows Sunday morning it still amazes me that people like Ken Adelman still cannot make the connection between the decision to invade Iraq and the bloody mess that followed.

Adleman once predicted that "demolishing Hussein's military power and liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk." I guess that depends on how you define "liberating." Very few people doubted our ability to knock over Saddam's regime. Just as many thought about what consequences that would bring. We removed the government and created a vacuum for terrorism and insurgency. The critical moment was not the removal of Saddam, it was not the toppling of his statue, it was not declaring "mission accomplished." The critical moment was the day after we had "demolished" Saddam's government and how we proceeded.

Adelman still stands by his belief that taking Saddam out was the right thing to do. He cites the fact that we didn't know that Saddam didn't have WMDs. Now, I keep thinking of Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz saying "an empty hand has nothing to give" in response to why Iraq wasn't laying down it's illegal weapons. It was a dilemma, you see. Was he armed? Did we have proof? What did the rest of the world think? Answer: let's invade, just to be on the safe side.

Apparently Adelman, and many others, are still receiving newsletters from the non-realist school of international affairs. Symptomatic of someone who split time in the 70s teaching Shakespeare and working for Don Rumsfeld is the vast disconnect between fantasy and reality. On one hand you have an extremely abstract, many would say preposterous, notion of Democracy reform in a hostile region; on the other you have George W. Bush to execute the plan.

This is a man whose claim to fame is an ability to saw down a tree and clear brush.

Adelman is supposed to be a smart fellow, how did he not connect the dots here? You might trust Bush to do your lawn work (maybe), but would you trust him with your investments? With major decisions? With Democracy reform? Is Adelman nuts? Men and women come back from the Iraqi Freedom project torn up, literally. The president gives them a fist-pump and a few warm fuzzies. Symptomatic perhaps of someone with the luxury to afford to live in an abstract play-land on the far side of fantasy rather than reality.


Harry Homeless said...

When you lynch the wrong guy, it's hard to live with. It's not so much a matter of smarts to come clean as it is courage. And what kind of plan can there be for the aftermath of a wrongful lynching?

Kudos, once more.

On to more serious matters, are the Yankees gonna trade f'ing A-Fraud or not??? The whole world is going to shit!

maven said...

Maybe A-Rod will go to the Astros!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think that when a country has an intern problem (dictatorship for example), it's the unique than can do something to change it! but, when foreigners is coming to your country, without you permission, "fighting for you freedom" what're you taking about??? it's silly!
I'm sure that the Irak people is worst now, it's deading 50-70(the good days)person in the day, and a lot of soldier, a lot of young people, people who in the US can't drink alcohol, but they can have a's CRAZY! Ayatima

maven said...

I think it would all make a great book entitled "Pipe Dream: how key Americans fell for the idea of foreign Democratic reform."

A fool is born every minute. We have a conjunction in Washington.

Anonymous said...

sure...but in my country is the same. I'm happy with my government now (for now, as well) but the opposition political's so ingnorant!
I would like to have a best english for this kind of conversation ;)