Friday, December 29, 2006

Area Man Makes it to Drvil !

I'm very pleased to announce one of my articles has been accepted to Drvil's Page 2. By it's own estimation Drivl is "pretty damn cool" and I agree completely.

Just consider some of the articles on the site:

If You Cancel a Show I Like AGAIN I Will Be Forced to Harm Your Network


Mr. McConaughey, look at John Travolta's IMDB page. Please. Study it. Learn from it.

My own article's title Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Reunite; Nation Ends Grieving Over Loss of Gerald Ford seems humble in comparison but I am just happy to be in the company of such wondrous deviance.

Drivl receives about a million hits per day, so I am very excited and you're all invited. Please, go check out the article, vote on it, comment on it...touch it, love it !

Read it here.

1 comment:

Harry Homeless said...

See? I knew you could get published. You also were the seed for this:

Something you said about not wanting to be cynical. It felt good.