Wednesday, December 27, 2006

50 Things We Now Know (That We Didn't Know We Didn't Know This Time Last Year)

The greatest thing about the end of the year is the plethora of lists, round-ups, summaries, and reviews we are bombarded with. Last night I sat and watched Keith Olbermann's Oddball round-up for 2006; I read game-of-the-year reviews on GameSpot, IGN, and GameSpy (yeah, I like computer games); But here is a list completely blog-worthy: the Tampa Tribune's 50 things we've learned over 2006.

What made the list? Well, the Narwhal, for one. And it's about time we learned something about the Narwhal, isn't it?

The number of "mega-churches" has doubled over the last five years--signaling hard-times for all those half-assed mom and pop type churches across the country. Yes, big box churches with built-in coffee houses and gift shops are here to stay.

Cheese consumption is on a rapid increase. Coupled with the war in Iraq we can now accurately be called "Cheese eating surrender monkeys." I, for one, welcome our new French overlords...

The hole in the Ozone layer is closing (yay, science!). Meanwhile, the amount of greenhouse grasses is increasing (boo, Exxon). By-the-way, have you seen Who Killed the Electric Car--I recommend it.

Kissing fights allergies.

Drinking chocolate milk is one of the best ways to recover from strenuous exercise.

But what have I learned? The re-designed Ford Mustang looks a lot less appealing than it did a year ago.

And you, dear reader, what have you learned?

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