Friday, November 17, 2006

"Prove to me you are not working with our enemies"


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Keith Olbermann awarded Beck his "worst person in the world" award last night for his conduct during the interview.

All of this attention for bigotry and fear mongering will no doubt equal financial security for Beck. His next book should be an even bigger hit.

I find it funny that later in the interview Black says Ellison is an example to European Muslims on how to integrate properly. This, then, is how to be a good immigrant, right? You work hard and rise to one of the top positions in the country so that people like Glenn Beck can view you only by your religion or race. Beck only considers Ellison a citizen in the strictest sense, he does not view Ellison as anywhere near equal. And isn't that why European Muslims feel disenfranchised? Sure, ok, you can live here, but every step of the way we're going to remind you what your place is.

And Beck thinks he's doing this country a favor by asking such probing questions? As if they're the product of some deep insight or original thought? He's never lived a day in his life, has he? His line of thinking is nothing new. Show me every great human injustice and I'll show you bigotry.

And why does CNN put this guy on the air? "Prove to me you are not working with our enemies"? Are you kidding me? Hey man, you can't prove a negative. At best, if you strip the bigotry out of that question, it's an illogical question. It's like asking someone to prove they don't believe in UFOs. And he's on CNN? I've lost a lot of respect for that network. I can rant and rave and stereotype and spew bile and prejudice, where's my TV show? The ratings would be wonderful.

Why don't you write in and tell CNN what you think. Or tell me what you think by leaving a comment.


Aya said...

I wrote a post 30 minutes ago but it didn´t publish.
I think that the Tv man is very, very
racist!!! and it´s unbelievable that a person who is speaking to millions of people, he´s saying this king of thing!
It´s makes me laugh the american freedom (DON'T OFFENCE, TV MAN!) I have a english teacher (here, in US) and she is talking all day about that you can be everything, it's not a problem your race, you religion...bla, bla, bla...she learned good the lesson in school!!!!

maven said...

Yeah, she did learn a good lesson in school. But we're going to make it a reality.

Dick said...

Who is Glenn Black and what does "gdctr" stand for? But seriously, I don't watch CNN Headline News. I think it's the CNBC of CNN or maybe the Fox Sports of CNN. If that makes since, which it doesn't. But that's okay. I still think you write some great stuff. Keep up the good work and keep the home fires burning. (Whatever the hell that means).

Dick said...

I meant to say "sense" instead of "since." I am getting old and drunker by the minute.
gixshy to you as well.
Dick from eight feet deep.

maven said...

Haha. Good stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

I think you're being waaay too negative with your post. I think this incident goes to show anyone can rise to become a TV news anchor in America! Maybe this explains the low unemployment figures...

Harry H