Thursday, October 05, 2006

Republican More Faithful to Tax Cuts Than Wife

You've gotta love the Republicans for a good headline. 66 year-old incumbent Don Sherwood (R-PA) has released a TV ad where he says that he is "truly sorry" for cheating on his wife. He also took a second to deny ever abusing his mistress, Cynthia Ore, 30.

But the best part is that he took his infidelity as a chance to reiterate his consistent commitment to traditional Republican values. "While I'm truly sorry for disappointing you I never wavered from my commitment to reduce taxes, create jobs, and bring home our fair share," Sherwood said. "You should forgive me, you can count on me to keep fighting hard for you and your family."

Come on! Forgive him! The guy's 66 years old and he still has blue balls over tax cuts! That's commitment! So he had sex with a 30 year old he met at a Young Republicans meeting? Who among us wouldn't? You're a powerful Washington figure. Mark Foley isn't sharing any of his page-boys. You have a posh apartment somewhere in the city....that's a good gig, man! Fidelity just doesn't stand a chance versus a setup like that...oh, and tax cuts.

While the affair is clearly understandable in that light, admitting in a commercial you've been more faithful to your Republican values than you have been to your own marriage probably stings your poor wife a little, don't you think?

Tell congressman Sherwood you forgive him here.

Democratic challenger Chris Carney currently leads the race 48% - 37% .

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