Monday, October 02, 2006

Another School Shooting

With Americans like this who needs terrorists?

This act was committed by a milk truck driver who was trying to avenge something that happened 20 years ago. What the issue is no one is sure of yet.

This follows the Wisconsin teenager who killed his principal because he received a warning about tobacco on school grounds. The boy was frequently teased and harassed.

That followed the school shooting in Bailey, Colorado, by a 54 year old man who was living out of his car.

What do all of these have in common? They all occurred in schools in small communities, with marginalized white males committing the crime. Why schools? Shock value? Why do only white men do such terrible things like this? Is there a difference between a "terrorist" and a guy who walks into a school and shoots kids? I don't think so. Is it religion or "Islamo-fascism"? Are these people twisted and motivated in that way? No. In this world some are deemed winners and some are deemed losers, but now the losers can buy a handgun, or build a bomb.
I feel sick. Everyone needs counseling. It should be mandatory. There should be more poetry and less competition. How about National Poetry Day?

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