Thursday, July 20, 2006

Escape Kangaroo Terrorizes Irish Countryside

According to a story in The Australian a circus kangaroo has escaped and is roaming the Irish hills, no doubt striking terror amongst the peaceful masses. By protocol a non-domestic animal escape raises the threat level in Ireland from green to dark green.

"This kangaroo broke loose just before the show while they were bringing him from the cages to the arena. He decided to take a walk," said local farmer John Walsh on whose land the two-year-old male, named Sydney, made his break for freedom.

Since the escape locals are reporting sightings of the fugitive marsupial which they have renamed"Hoppy."

Officials at the National Kangaroo Service, an Australian agency which monitors the movements of kangaroos world-wide expressed concern about the escape but tried to remain optimistic.

"I just want everyone to remain calm," said NKA official Langston Hughes. "Kangaroos wont box you. They wont sit back on their tail and kick you with their feet. They wont sneak into your house at night. They're peaceful unless cornered."

"I suppose if it had to be lost, it might as well be lost in Ireland." he mused. "At least it's not England."

This is second high profile animal escape this year. Hoppy joins Vivi the missing show dog as yet another animal to slip off the surly bonds of captivity and touch the face of freedom.

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