Friday, June 30, 2006

Republicans Welcome "Guy from Japan"

One thing Sean Hannity does that I really like is label certain people “Great Americans.” Hank Williams Jr. was on his radio show the other day and was attributed “Great American” no less than three hundred times in about 15 minutes. Well, he seems to love his country. After all he is playing in the Hannity Freedom Concert. For $54 you too can attend a concert honoring the high ideal of freedom. What's more American than that?

Perhaps as a weekly segment on this blog I’ll dish out Great American awards. So, here we go.

The "Sean Hannity Great American of the Week Award" goes to a woman from Memphis, Tennessee. President Bush took Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to Graceland today. Koizumi is a self described “big-time” Elvis fan. Locals came out to catch a glimpse of the world leaders.

One enthusiastic, Republican Elvis fan said, “[I’m here] because I love my President, and I love Elvis. Throw in the guy from Japan and I just couldn’t miss it.”

"The guy from Japan"? Oh, that world leader, dude. Yeah.

Did she even know who Koizami was? "Who?" she replied when asked.

When told he was the prime minister of Japan she laughed and said, “I can’t even pronounce his name but he’s an Elvis fan; you have to love that.”

She loves Elvis, that's very American. She seems to love America so much that she can't be bothered to know a world leader's name when he comes to her own city. I'd score her a free ticket to the "Freedom Concert" if I could but for now she'll have to settle for the "Sean Hannity Great American of the Week" award. Congratulations, Woman from Memphis!

Oh, and welcome to America, Guy from Japan!

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