Friday, February 17, 2006

Rock, Stapp Sex Tape Coming

Is your Pamela Anderson sex tape long gone? Have you deleted out your "One Night in Paris" video? Are you dismayed that Colin Ferrall's x-rated romp was a mere 14 minutes long? Well get ready because Detroit rapper Kid Rock and Christian heavy metal singer Scott Stapp have teamed up to give you 45 minutes of raunchy bus shakin' action. Red Light District plans to release their sex tape filmed in 1999. The tape was made while Rock and Stapp were on tour showing explicit sexual activity with female fans on a tour bus.

Celebrity sex tapes are nothing new and have even proved to be hairbingers of good things for the stars involved.

The tapes have been part of urban legand since 1948 when Maralyn Monroe alegidly filmed herself making it with a man on a couch.

The 1980s gave us home video equipment and Rob Lowe ushered in a new age when he filmed himself having with two women, one a minor. Rather than destroying his career with such illicit behavior he climbed all the way back to get the role of presidential aide Sam Seaborn in "The West Wing".

In the late 90s Pamela Anderson went from busty pin-up gal to infamous sexpot when her tape with husband Tommy Lee was released. Lee himself became a household name while Anderson went on to star in her own TV series "V.I.P." and now "Stacked".

And then there was Paris Hilton, once an unknown hotel heiress now turned superstar thanks to the release of her sex tape in 2003. She now claims her own fragrance, nighclub chain, album, and memoirs.

One can only guess how high Rock and Stapp will rise now.

In what is becoming an industry standard career move, the filmed sexcapade may help kick-start their fledgling careers. Red Light District attempted to reach the two entertainers but was unsuccessful. Apparantly Rock and Stapp are going to be submissive and let the tape be released and hope it the gamble pays off like it did for others.

Recently Stapp has been working hard to get his name back into the limelight but it may take a toll on his new marriage. He was arrested on February 11 for public intoxication just hours after his wedding, tossed in jail, and will face arraigment on March 8.

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