Monday, November 07, 2005

Ode To A Billboard Worker

Billboard worker, when do you sleep?
For I see your handiwork as I drive
But it’s crafter is always elusive

When did that billboard change? I wonder to myself
I plumb that mystery once
I plumb it two times
But my curiosity is not quenched
Yet there is a new advertisement for all the drivers to see
Do your dark masters appreciate this feat of magic?

Under the cover of darkness do you incant?
Like the spider toiling in the silence
Under the stars and the moonlight
Their art greeted by the first dew
Resting quietly, waiting
Perhaps laughing at those who do not appreciate

If only others would consider your example
A more perfect display of seamless workmanship I have never not seen
You receive your orders and carry them out
And no driver is the wiser
In fact they will take the next exit
To get that 44 ounce soda for $.89

Magic I say

They are happy
Your master is happy
When you sleep do you sleep well?

To those who work but do not seek recognition
To those who do their job so well that to be noticed would be failure
To those who put this together
A salute
I guzzle this soda for you

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