Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Focusing on Families

Dr. James Dobson took a break from focusing on families to become a legal pundit on Supreme Court nominee John Roberts.

"Judge Roberts is an unquestionably qualified attorney and judge with impressive experience in government and the private sector. He has demonstrated at every stop on his career path the legal acumen, judicial temperament and personal integrity necessary to be a Supreme Court justice."

Did you happen to see Roberts' family on TV last night? They do look as American as apple pie. They look peeled right out of a Normon Rockwell painting. The son, God bless him, was wearing saddle shoes. This is probably the type of America Dobson envisions.

CNN and Fox News dug up every Washington lawyer they could find. One was practically giddy. He couldn't stop smiling as he recalled his fraternity days with John Roberts, and oh what a wonderful, brilliant man he is. Suddenly my girlfriend bust out, "These people don't know how 90% of America lives. Look at them, yakking it up, laughing. " Then she started making wild arm gestures and mock laughter "Haha...John Roberts...haha...Harvard...haha...abortion...." It was inasne and funny and accurate. Roberts, Dobson, Bush, do not know how the other half lives.

I was listening to the radio and heard a husband and wife "talking" to each other. They were recalling how the used to argue and then they realized they were just praying on each other's "fear factors". I thought they sounded crazy until I discovered I was listening to Focus on the Family. Is that an ideal marriage? An exercise in avoiding "fear factors" and applying fake and flowery rhetoric? Is that how we're supposed to live our lives? The husband sounded like a tool, completely emasculated. The wife sounded like she read a new marriage-help book every week. I suppose everyone's lack of confidence about how to conduct themselves in life or relationships leads to that kind of thing.

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