Monday, June 20, 2005

Runaway Bride to Write Book, World Sighs

I would have left her. But then I would have missed out on $500,000 in what is yet another sign that I am just not wired for the modern world. You know her as Jennifer Wilbanks, the woman who faked her own kidnapping to escape her own indulgent wedding, and her story will be hitting a bookstore near you. After causing a national panic over her own selfishness, now it's time to make some cash with a publishing deal.

World News Daily reports, "It appears Jennifer Wilbanks, the so-called runaway bride, is now making a run for the money, having signed a $500,000 deal with a media company pitching a movie to television networks."

My first question was, "Why would she do this?"

Then the obvious answer is, "Because there's money to be made, stupid!" This is a church-going woman who seems to be constantly involved in selfishness. She'd do better to memorize a few Bible verses on humility and stop stressing herself out with the pomp-and-circumstance of a Modern Bride lifestyle.

But now my question is, "Who would read this crap?"

Once again, to me the ethical issue is not with people trying to cash in, it's with people supporting that idea.
I think of the legions of people who follow Oprah's every word. Rest assured that Wilbanks will be making many day-time television appearances as her book nears publication. I do not see it as any stretch for her to take a spin on Oprah's Couch.

Oprah: Now, please, tell me once again what caused you to runaway...

Wilbanks: I was so stressed....(sobbing)... please, it's all in my book...

Housewives are a perfect target fora misunderstood woman wanting to tell-all. Don't yell at me for stereotyping. See for yourself which audience gets targeted when it comes time to sell the book.

And people will buy it! I'd urge everyone to boycott this book but I know I'd be in the minority. The ramblings of crazy people seem to be very en-vogue. But, if you want to read about why psychologically disturbed people do things pick-up "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote. Jennifer Wilbanks is no different from you or me, except that she can't handle life. And she escapes from it by claiming to be kidnapped by a Hispanic. The rest of us are far to humble and responsible--not to mention sane--to do such things. Why buy her book?

Thanks to One World News for the story.

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