Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bush/Cheney Bumper-Sticker Sighting Of The Week

Rolling into the parking garage this morning I found my path blocked by a man in a Toyota Camry who could not get the gate to go up. This is not too uncommon. Every once in a while a hapless victim with no garage pass ends up trapped between the gate and a line of cars behind. Then, I noticed something particular about this car: the Bush/Cheney bumper-sticker proudly on display.

Suddenly, this scenario made much more sense.

Now amused, I watched the Republican swiping his card furiously. Obviously oblivious that it had expired yesterday since this was the cusp of a new month. Try as he may, he would not get in that way. Meanwhile, my car was sitting precariously out in the middle of the front driveway. Something would need to give soon or I would be blocking traffic while a line of cars formed on the street behind me.

"Push the button and take a ticket" I mummered.

Almost on cue he pressed the button. Nothing happened. Then he started hitting the button, violently ramming his fists against the orange plunger that should dispense a ticket. His arms went up in utter despair. The machine was not cooperating, and no ticket emerged.

Score one for the button.

I could tell the situation was escalating. How long had he been sitting here trying to open that gate before I pulled up? This man had all the decisiveness and stubbornness of a certain head of state we know well. But now I was there, waiting in line behind him while he attempted to assail the metal box and get inside the garage. He knew he had to act imminently for diplomacy had failed. He was about to unleash good old fashioned shock and awe onto that unsuspecting gate machine when I got out of my car, walked up, swiped my working card down the scanner, and opened the gate.

The Republican drove off into the depths of the concrete parking ramp, life resumed.

Once again, a Democrat saves society.


MARYBETH said...

Now why isnt CNN reporting your good deed? A democrat reaching out to an Irate Republican- this happend millions of times every day in our country =)
Did he even squeeze out a semi sincere word of thanks to you?
I am thrilled to know that cube life hasnt robbed you of your diplomacy.
Peace Out,
Im off to get some new pics on the blog

Sasquatch said...

Well, you know me, I'm not afraid to reach across party lines for the good of society.

I think I said, "I got it" and he said "thanks" and drove up the ramp.

fuscia said...

Ah-HAH! My brother has gone Democrat! I don't think I like either parties, actually politicians in general all all blinded by dollars. I liked your editorial :0)